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Ger Meets the Ger Bears

Geraint Wyn Davies, Nicolas de Bearbant, Brenda BellGer first meets a Ger Bear
at the Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club's Weekend with Ger III (the "Gerthering")

Ger autographs Nicolas de Bearbant's paw.

Ger and Nicolas de Bearbant pose with the artist.

Brenda Bell, Geraint Wyn Davies, and Nick Bearskill
Ger poses with the artist and Nick Bearskill, which was presented to him at the Gerthering

The Ger Bears on these pages were designed and sewn, and their costumes designed and sewn, by Brenda F. Bell. Costumes imitate Mr. Wyn Davies' costumes in the roles specified. All characters and the shows in which they appear belong to their respective intellectual property owners. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Ger Bears ©1997, Brenda Faith Bell.

This page last updated 15 June 2003.