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Bear of Harps

Learning the Ropes

The young nobleman Nicolas de Brabant has been apprenticed to the powerful Duc de la Barre to learn diplomacy and to bring Christianity to Wales — whether or not the Welsh want it. Unfortunately for the young lord, time, an evil mentor, and a pretty harp-playing Druidess conspire to keep him from this "suitable" career. The Bear of Harps Ger Bear is dressed for diplomacy or battle as he first appears on horseback in the flashback of the Forever Knight episode "Queen of Harps".

head shot of #1 bare Bear of Harps

Bear of Harps in ChemisePosing in his chemise

The green tunicBear of Harps in Chemise and Tunic

Bear of Harps in Chemise, Tunic, and OvertunicThe burgundy overtunic.

Chemise, tunic, overtunic, riding tabard, and sword. Bear of Harps in Chemise, Tunic, Overtunic, and Tabard

Bear of Harps in Chemise, Tunic, Overtunic, Tabard, and "chain-mail" hood -- final presentationClose-Up: Bear of Harps with Hood Drawn Up
Add the chain-mail helmet, and the outfit is complete.

The Ger Bears on these pages were designed and sewn, and their costumes designed and sewn, by Brenda F. Bell. Costumes imitate Mr. Wyn Davies' costumes in the roles specified. All characters and the shows in which they appear belong to their respective intellectual property owners. No copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Ger Bears ©1997, Brenda Faith Bell.

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