Gerthering 3 Photos

photos by Brenda F. Bell

In the lines below, you will find links to the digital photos I took at the Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club's 1997 Weekend With Geraint Wyn Davies ("Gerthering", "G3"). The reason these are *links* is that even at low resolution, there are over a hundred photos, almost two megabytes worth in compressed format... I didn't want everyone to have to wait hours to view a single page!

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    Policies and Disclaimers

    I have requested permission over the Internet to publish photos of the persons identified in these images, and I've requested that anyone who knows how to contact folk in these photos who were not contacted in my initial mailing either pass on contact info to me, or pass the info on to the persons in these photos. In order to get this page out so everyone can see it, I asked everyone to respond by 1 November 1997, and stated that if I did not hear by then, I would assume that permission was tacitly given to post the photos in which they appear. To the best of my knowledge, I have removed images and/or changed the identifications on any images where the subjects in question have requested this. If by chance you find that I have missed something, or misidentified someone in these photos, or if there is a problem with posting one of the photos herein, please let me know.

    Permissions Granted

    Permission is given to link Forever Knight, Geraint Wyn Davies Fan Club, Black Harbour, and other Gerthering pages to this page; just please let me know if you are adding such a link. Also let me know if you wish a reciprocal link. This may take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to add in, so please be patient with me! Other persons wishing to link their pages to this page, please let me know in advance.

    Permission to link to specific photos on this page will be given on a case-by-case basis.

    Notes on the Photos: Viewability and Captioning

    1. Except for photos subjects have requested I not publish, the only photos *not* up here are several frames of me and Ger and the Ger Bear I asked him to sign (I figured you'd all get pretty tired of that pretty quickly <g>) and the "knightshirt" and "boxers" photos.
    2. ?? means I either don't remember the name that matches the face (there were so many new names and faces!), a question mark (?) following the name means that I'm not sure I have the right name matched up to the person in the photo, and/or I'm not sure of the spelling of that person's name. This does not mean that all names and spellings of names without question marks are correct. If you find any errors, please let me know.
    3. If a photo identifcation appears in this file, but the photo does not appear in the index, it means that either I, or someone in the photo, wishes that it not be published. I will try to remove the photo file, and the line and/or link from this index file, as quickly as possible, or else change the caption to something like [photo removed] This policy extends to everyone appearing in these photos, including Ger.
    4. With over a hundred photos here, I'm not planning to scan in any of my film photos.
    5. If you are in one of these photos and wish a higher-resolution copy (I believe max resolution is 1280 x 960) of the file, e-mail me your request. Please include the numerical link to the photo so I can find the correct frame.
    6. Ger Bear photos not featuring the live Ger Bear (Ger, natch) may be found on the Ger Bear Project page.

    Technical Notes

    All photos on this page were taken with a Kodak Digital Science DC-120 camera, stored on Simple Technologies 8Mb Flash RAM cards, imported using Kodak's Photo Enhancer software (which ships with the camera), and saved in 320x240 pixel, "low-quality" JPEG format. Photos were imported via a Winbook XP notebook computer running Microsoft Windows 95, and stored on a homebrew Pentium-166 computer running Windows NT Server 4.0. Except in a couple of cases where the photos were cropped, no post-processing has been done on the photos.

    A Web-based photoessay on the general process of digital photography works (featuring the DC-120's accessories and software) is forthcoming (I hope).

    Intellectual Property Notes

    All photos on this page were taken by Brenda Bell, except where noted. All photos copyright 1997, Brenda F. Bell. All rights reserved.

    This page last updated 17 September 2011.